Technical Programme


DubiDub Studios is a complex built over 2 floors of a commercial building in Tel-Aviv. Over the years,  the studios continued to expend as DubiDub activity kept increasing.

All studios were designed by DHA Acoustic Design Ltd that provides full architectural acoustic planning with consulting to all elements of construction as well as audio production systems design.


The studios were designed from the ground-up to fit within the existing space of the building and to enable DubiDub preferred creative workflow. From the first studio built, the demand was for a high profile sound-for-picture facility designed for a wide variety of film and television projects, television series and made-for-television movies as well as multimedia production, gaming, VOD and streaming.


All the studios were designed and custom built from scratch in order to achieve proper room ratios and best geometrical shape. Each studio is a stand alone complex with a control room, isolation booth and a sound lock in between.

The rooms were designed by the Room-Within-A-Room concept, decoupled walls and ceilings were built around the existing structure for sound isolation. Double ceilings were required to accommodate acoustically damped air conditioning systems.

Some of the recording areas are well damped to prevent room reflections to create the optimal acoustic conditions for typical dialogue recording. Other recording areas are slightly more acoustically live for other various productions.


The control rooms are outfitted with custom Hi-End analog monitoring mixers designed to meet DubiDub workflow with Genelec DSP based, Quested and Tannoy monitors in all rooms.

Pro Tools and Applications running on Apple Mac computers featuring a wide selection of state of the art plugins for production as well as world-class metering in all studios including Dolby-E capability.

Best microphones from Neumann, AKG, Schoeps, Audio-Technica and many more are available to fill the need of various productions. all studios equipped with CEDAR hardware to achieve best signal to noise ratio and wide dynamic range for dialogue treatment.

The studios are outfitted with calibrated surround monitoring systems controlled by MartinSound monitoring controllers for variable monitoring options.

Every production can work in any of the studios thanks to the similar systems installed in the studios that are all connected to a secured central storage.


We are proud to be the first Dolby Atmos Mix Room in Israel!